Vineyard Vines vs Our Good Dog Spot – Dog Collar Comparison

Our Good Dog Spot has made some very exciting changes in the past few months. Along with redesigning our online store, we have also decided to focus exclusively on our own unique, nautical-themed dog collars and accessories.

In the past, OGDS also offered Vineyard Vines dog collars to all of our customers because they made a good quality collar with colorful and fun, preppy designs. However, going forward, we will be 100% Our Good Dog Spot!

We’ve experienced consistent growth and an increased customer base as a result of the development of our own exclusive, truly “Spot” designs. Our products have peaked the interest of the boating and coastal communities.

So we’ve decided that going forward we will no longer offer Vineyard Vines dog collars. We’ll offer our customers only OGDS original designs, the very best dog collars for your preppy and nautical pup.

For all of our loyal customers, we’d like to share the differences between Our Good Dog Spot collars and Vineyard Vines dog collars.


Dogs everywhere are barking for nautical, preppy dog collars. OGDS’ exclusive, unique, fun dog collars, leads and After 5′ bowties are sure to impress your family and friends.

We’re fully stocked and happy to outfit nautical, preppy pups everywhere.

We just rolled out Spring 2019 new designs, but stay connected with us because we have exciting designs for the summer!

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