Spring Means Color!

Ladies and gentlemen, Spring is here. As the world once again embraces its vibrancy and life, we get to open up our color palette and really show off. It’s time for pinks and greens and yellows and blues, hues and shades, and those classic nautical patterns. Spring and summer mean boating, after all!

Anchors Aweigh Pink Collar
Anchors Aweigh Pink Collar


Our selection of preppy & nautical dog collars and leads really shows what we mean. We have collars & leads in bright springtime colors. The Anchors Aweigh line comes in pink, yellow, and blue, so you can bring some life and lightness back to your dog’s style.

We also carry collars featuring classic nautical imagery, like signal flags, anchors, and boats. These will look great on any dog, and especially one out on a boat!

Our latest arrivals page collects everything that’s come in lately, ready for the season change and brighter, warmer weather. So go check it out, and brighten up your dog’s fashion!

Every dog should look this good.

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