Preppy Dog Collars & Leashes– Preppy Lifestyle, for Dogs

Our Good Dog Spot was created by a real passion for preppy style. We wanted to share that with dog owners and their best friends, so all of them can be about town in style. But what does the preppy lifestyle for dogs mean?

First, it means classy nautical themes. Our Seaside Collection of dog collars and leads, for example, embraces the nautical theme completely. The collars are decorated with nautical icons, like sea stars, sailboats, and anchors. And they come in wonderful color combinations with accented trim.

242-TIf you want a little something different from your nautically-themed dog collars, try our “Love My Dog” Nautical Signal Flag Collection. These collars come in subdued colors, which really let the signal flags pop.

319-TThe second part of the preppy dog lifestyle are those classic and timeless styles. Centered around the fashions of the classy-yet-active, our Derby Hill and Equestrian collections are a great way to present your dog with the class they truly embody. Classic patterns like plaid, tartan, and houndstooth are the hallmark of these collar collections.

AM_C_RED-2Not to be left out, or left behind the times, is the final piece of what preppy dog lifestyle means to us. Our Good Dog Spot features contemporary-inspired collections, for a little more whimsical look, without sacrificing class. Inspired by the fashions of Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer, our Newport Patchwork Collection embraces the playful side of the classy life. The previously mentioned Nautical Flag collection definitely fits into this category, too.


Whether you’re yachting, shopping, vacationing, or just out at the park, Our Good Dog Spot has the class for your pup. Don’t forget that, in addition to our wide variety of collars, we have a broad selection of leads that really complement the look.

And if you’re trying to slide into that “after five” look, don’t forget the bow tie. An especially good deal, since all bow ties are free shipping– but only while supplies last!

Every dog should look this good.

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